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The Process

Phantom Fly Vodka is a true hand crafted spirit made in very small batches and using only the finest American products. Phantom Fly is fermented and distilled using hand selected sweet corn, giving it its signature soft vanilla note. The water used in Phantom Fly Vodka is the best in the world. Frozen thousands of years ago into massive mountaintop glaciers amid the volcanic ranges of the central Oregon’s Cascades, Phantom Fly Vodka’s water is as pure as it gets. As these glaciers melt, the already ultra-pure water is naturally filtered through lava rock as it trickles down the Cascades in early spring to late fall. This natural filtration process removes all calcium carbonate molecules (this is what makes water “hard”), making for the softest natural water found on Earth. Phantom Fly Vodka is then distilled 5 times in small batch pot stills and filtered an additional 5 times through mineral rock. Phantom Fly Vodka is smooth yet sophisticated and already recognized as a world class spirit, taking home a gold medal in the international craft spirit awards long before the product was even available to the public.


The already ultra-pure water is naturally filtered through lava rock as it trickles down the Cascades in early spring.


Phantom Fly Vodka is a true hand crafted spirit made in very small batches and using only the finest American products.



Premium from the ground up…distilled from American sweet corn, Phantom Fly Vodka is truly a unique and ultra premium spirit.

“Perfection is not manufactured…it’s handcrafted.”


– Chris Shanley

 Co-Founder & CEO – Phantom Fly Spirits

Truly One of a Kind

Hand crafted small batch vodka has become one of America’s newest exports and in the past decade, America has been a stand-out on the international stage of fine spirits products. Phantom Fly Vodka takes this to the next level, bringing not only the supreme qualities one expects from a premium small batch American product but, also the sophistication and complexities demanded by the modern day mixology world. Phantom Fly Vodka adds a slick and sexy counterpoint to its simply-smooth texture, flavor and scent by creating a brand that speaks directly to the night life, engaging every sense and pleasing every whim.

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Phantom Fly Vodka

The People & The Story

It was the summer of 2011 and three best friends were doing what they always have, indulging in the nightlife of Los Angeles and enjoying fine American craft spirits. It was a night like any other save one detail, Chris, Sam and Mike were about to come to a collective decision that would change the rest of their lives and the look of small batch spirits in general. They decided to embark on a journey to craft a vodka that not only excelled in taste and texture but, had the looks to match, a product that would be designed specifically for the big-city and mixology world – a spirit made just for people like them.

Veterans of the bar and restaurant industry, Chris, Sam and Mike set out to craft a spirit that would use only the best possible organic American products. It was a long and formidable endeavor, ranging from Kentucky’s Bourbon county to California’s wine country and ending up in the volcanic region of central Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. It was in Oregon that the boys found what they were looking for, the purest water on Earth. The next goal was to find the best base material to pair with the ultra-soft water to bring Phantom Fly Vodka to life. Everything was tested, grain, apples, oranges, grapes, even sugar cane but, the perfect taste, smell and texture came from American grown, organic sweet corn. With the perfect formula in place, some old fashioned pot stills ready to go and the experienced hands of some of the best master distillers in America, Phantom Fly Vodka was realized and long before it ever hit the public market, was recognized for its greatness by earning a gold medal in the international craft spirt awards just weeks after the first batch was made.

The next challenge was designing a brand that could match the raw beauty and excellence of the vodka, a brand that would speak directly to the sophisticated mixologist and the smart modern day socialite, the same. A brand that would call back the indulgent and mysterious days of the underground speakeasy, the sexy and taboo masquerade parties of renaissance Venice; a brand that would embrace everything that is great about a free and fun loving society. That brand is Phantom Fly Vodka.